Collection: Windchimes

We appreciate you taking the time to browse our site. We're so excited that it's finally here, where we can share with all of those who love handmade goods and one-of -a kind pieces! Our designs are created by a small business in Haiti using glass seed beads as well as wire frame construction which gives each piece its own unique style. A lot of them designed for hanging from rings on hooks.

If you're looking for a unique present to give, look no further. Our handmade glass beads and wire-frame chimes come in 2 shapes sizes so they can fit any personality or preference. They make fantastic presents because each one is completely different from another - slight variations are expected but don't let that stop you from getting excited about how awesomely individual your new treasure will be once it's hanging out of your window proudly displayed at home for you and the birds to enjoy. They make a beautiful soothing ring in the wind.